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Spotlight: Glenn Marlow (Ziggy Maggot)

Hi All

It's a great day to shine the spotlight on an individual I find highly talented. Today - on the Jimmy Broccoli page (and later on my website) I am excited to share with you the poetry of Glenn Marlow (also known as Ziggy Maggot).

I first ran across Glenn's poems only a couple of months ago. His verse is highly insightful and unique. Glenn has become one of my favorite poets to read (his work).

Glenn's poetry is within the pages of my upcoming 3rd anthology, "Ovation" - which his awesome!

Here are two poems by Glenn Marlow - and, I'm certain you will enjoy them as much as I do!



This rain

Pulling me

from my dormant days (daze)

A soft solution

and suggestion

Of grace

defines the smiles we farm

Until the grave

In between



We long to see

our shining selfs

Instead of the

boxed versions that

reside on dusty shelves

bereft of



Poised and posed

against the

wall staring at our


While the others dance

Adorned with feathers and turquoise

Commanding the

weather, the

lightning, and the


Saturated in our own deliberate conjured






 by maggot on September 6, 2010 at 10:00pm

TEN o' CLOCK. I'm alone in the house. Well, sort of.

They're other people here. I'm sure of it. But still I feel alone.

I'm thinking too much these days. I read your works. You're right , they're nearly novels.

I believe Fate must be prejudiced. Something went wrong . I love you.

I noticed the pictures on my wall. They all seem to be watching me. Wherever I go, their eyes follow me.

I feel like crying. My throat is swollen. It's 10 o'clock.

There's a dirtroad curve in front of us. It's dirt. That makes the road untrustworthy.

At any moment we could round a sudden corner. Around the curve sits a black magnificent beast. We crash headfirst.

We crashed headfirst. Something went wrong. I love you.

Photo: Glenn Marlow.

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