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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Broken God

His unshaven posture weakens

He wilts into my arms as if we’re dancing

A delicate dandelion stem exposed to hurricanes

A falling toaster into bathwater

With bubbles

He is crumpled paper and smeared ink

Downturned blue eyes

With confidence hung from rope

Swinging from unstable rafters

Looking down upon a chair with faded and expired paint

I build a fort

Marmalade bed sheets surround his symphony

In stillness, I pronounce him king

Fluffy life rafts in pillowcases

Mix-matched blankets and couch cushions

He sits in silence, thinking only in whispers

With evaporated tears, he falls asleep, handsome

I hold my breath, then exhale diamonds

My emotions spill upon the floor

As I listen to him breathing

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