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  • Jimmy Broccoli

God Bless the Cocaine on Her Face

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I add color to the pages of my adult coloring book With my 64 set of sharpened crayons - as she clumsily holds the cut (at an angle) straw The cocaine - haphazard and spread un-lady-like on the mirror From an angle I see her reflection and I dislike what I see I think the sun should be cerulean blue - it’s been yellow for long enough The children in my coloring book don’t need faces, so I scribble them out

She smells like rose perfume all grandmothers bathe in I showered a few days ago, so I’m burning my favorite incense I laugh at her fucking face – her expression blank and her nose unclean “You missed some princess”, I guffaw She looks at me like I’m the trash she forgot to take out last Thursday “I ain’t doin’ nothing with that thing between your legs tonight, sweetheart” I look away, knowing she later will – she always does

Traffic lights, in my world, are always green Grass is red and fire is an abnormal shade of purple “Oh, my fuck – we’ve seen this episode already”, she complains And we totally haven’t unless she was fucking another dude at the time “Sit down beautiful”, I whisper as I cut up another line “Do you even love me?”, she asks – “Do you even care?”, I respond “No, not really”. “Okay then”

“Mother fuck, I need to sleep”, she rants “Your mother is in town next week”, I say “Are you going to introduce me?” “You and your no-good fucking cock – no I ain’t introducing you” “My dick is a lot bigger than your dad’s” “Maybe – but you ain’t half the man he is” “Yeah, I’m certain that’s true” – I bring out a razor blade to re-start the party She smiles – because she always does

It’s Wednesday – or maybe it’s not I quickly finish up the Crayola portrait I’ve been working on The Firemen are grey, the hydrants are tan, and the sky is blistering pink The smiling dog at the end of the driveway is green because he is I give her the pre-cut (at an angle) straw and she opens the baggie “Crush it good this time”, I tell her. “Fuck Off”, she says We haven’t been wearing clothes for days – the window curtains are drawn and shady “You look skinnier today than you did yesterday", she observes “I think mermaids are purple in the ocean”, I respond

She nods her head in agreement

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