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  • Jimmy Broccoli

I Memorize the Stars

I memorize the stars above because I do not want to forget …



We are at the beach – a simple late-fall -

a simple late-night fire in the firepit, blazing

and warming –

its flames flickering and delightfully dancing before us


Before you turn your head towards me –

to look at me passionately, to look at me lovingly -

you – with a quick gesture – brush away your hair from your face –

as the salty wind swirls around us –

as it delicately assaults our coastal holiday skin


You then smile as I have not seen you smile before


This is a moment too beautiful for photographs –

a moment not to be interrupted –

a liquid moment immediately solidifying itself into stone –

the etchings (writing themselves) upon its unwavering body

are mindful of the details


A moment I would have declared fiction –

if I had not been by your side

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli.

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