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Spotlight: Jimmy Kunkel - Part III

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hi All

Welcome to Part III of featuring the amazing work of poet Jimmy Kunkel on the Jimmy Broccoli page.

Again, from his latest collection of poetry, "3", here is "The Masterpiece"...

"The Masterpiece"

Sitting in a small chair

The eyes of a shotgun under my chin

Looking at a blank canvas that reminded me of my understanding of others

They've always been looking for the perfect piece

Telling me they love my vision and my mind

I laughed at the irony

How I hated all I've seen and how it made my thoughts stab my peace to death

Tears slid down the long barrel like painful waterfalls

Leaking downstream onto my finger

The trigger further pressured

Fingernails drowning in pools of sorrow and sinking

The flickering light swung above me

Gusts of wind and rain swept through the window screen

It was a ghostly scene

Seen in movies or dreams

The music of my soul like a lonely piano player

I felt trickles of rain hit the back of my neck and the breeze sounded as if it was blowing out a candle

Maybe I was the flame I'd give them one last look at this wonderful mind…this uncomfortable companion

And maybe…just maybe it would be all they hoped for

The loud bang was thunder-like

The flesh an artistic salute

My blood and brains and skin splattered on the bare cloth…created such wonderful art

I may not have been able to have mattered during life… least

A rich man paid good money for my one of a kind masterpiece

To purchase "3", by Jimmy Kunkel -

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