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Spotlight: John Rennie

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hi All

It's Sunday which, in the Vegetable Tray, means very cool posts are presented on the Jimmy Broccoli page! Yay!

Since embarking on this adventure, I've met several amazing poets/writers, artists, photographers, and performers who I've quickly come to admire.

I ran across the poems of English poet John Rennie a few months ago and continue to follow his work. His work contains powerful imagery, thoughtfulness, and John's detail to craft and word choices are among the best I've read.

It is a privilege to share two poems by John Rennie on the Jimmy Broccoli page today - and I hope you enjoy them!

Brief Bio: John Rennie is surrounded by lots of Love, to include his partner Sandra - and, between them, they have 8 children. John has been writing for many years and continues to add to his impressive collection of writings.

We’re All Carrying Something

Guilt, a burden, shame, a brother, a sister, weight, loss of it, weary bones, memories,

A coffin, a cause, a lost cause, a memory,

A memory of being bullied, a phone, a bag,

Life’s baggage, a longing, a chance missed

A pain, a love lost, responsibility, pressure, pride, pride of parenthood, a child, a grandchild.

Just carry this thought with you through life;

We’re all carrying something.

Ask someone if they need help with their heavy load. Pick it up and carry it with them.

Pick it up.

John Rennie


The Right of Return

Far away from here

So, so long ago

In a land so torn

The earth opened and

The tree of fruits groaned

A crack appeared

A new time was born

The fissure grew and

There came a schism

Spirituality fought the

Demon of realism

Over thousands of years

This land tried to heal

But the wound does

Continuously open

And the poison

Prevents its seal

Palestine, lost in time

Reached from the

River to the sea

Its people sought shelter

Beneath the Olive Tree

And there came a Nakba

Such a Catastrophe

There was so much wailing

Over many, many years

A great voice goes unheard

Amongst the eternal tears

Now that ancient land is

Cruelly split asunder

Its people are separated

From their ancient roots

Their Right to Return is

Thwarted with thunder

And yet the Olive Tree

Is still standing

With old wisdom

And many branches

In time to come it’ll

Bear rich fruit again

And the timeless land

Will again be united

The people will rejoice

And sing again once more

Dance a joyous Dakba

From the River to the Shore

John Rennie

January 24, 2021

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