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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Published in Quintessence: Coming of Age, Scars Publications, & CC&D

Hi All

I have some exciting news!

"Quintessence: Coming of Age", the newest anthology (released only a few days ago) by Soul Poet Society is now available - and my poem, "Paper Doll" is within it's pages (page 78, the second poem in the "Juvenescence" section of the book").

"Quintessence: Coming of Age" brings you the poetic works from over 50 writers across the globe celebrating our youth. From children's poetry to childhood memoirs, Coming of Age explores the bonds we share, the memories we have, and even the fairy tales we read at bedtimes.

If you'd like to pick up a copy, please visit

Also, Scars Publications has very kindly included my poem, "I Woke Up Sleeping" in their "Best Of" 2021 Poetry Review collection and "I Woke Up Sleeping" was also included in the "The Garden of Eden" poetry collection by CC&D (Children, Churches & Daddies).

I am appreciative to Soul Poet Society, Scars Publications, & CC&D for including my work. ______________

Paper Doll

First grade, I was six years old We used to cut figures out of paper And pretend they were our friends

I kept them in my desk And in my pockets They were my friends I named them after my favorite colors

One day the blue paper doll pissed me off

So I took the deadly scissors And slice, there went his head Slice, off dropped his feet Then, slice, I cut off his arms

I cupped my lips and blew him away His head landing in the watercolors

Now, looking back Many years later The paper becoming flesh I look around me And realize I am no different

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