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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Religion & Profanity

I drop your hand, as we walk down the pat together

You’ve announced, “He Has Risen – Hallowed Be His Name”

And I look in a different direction

Days later, your hand is in mine again

And this makes me smile – and it makes you smile too

“I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday”, I say

And you tell me you are

Then, days later, I post something that includes the word “fuck”, or “motherfucker” or “cunt” and you drop my hand,

as we walk down the path together

This is totally okay – I then see you in the distance

You’re my friend -

As I continue to use profanity and turn the air around us – for miles, blue

“Hello, I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday”, I say

As I turn to you

Your hand is within mine again

This is comfortable – and I like your hand in mine

It doesn’t have to remain there always –

But I like when it happens

You say, “He Has Risen”, and I use the word “cunt” in a poem

We’ll meet up later – down the path

Because you are my friend – and we concentrate on what we have in common

Period – I will see you soon, my friend

And I think you are amazing

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli

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