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Spotlight: Mathew Bowers (MB93)

Hi All

It's a great day to share with you the work of someone I find highly talented. Here, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and on my website, it is an honor to present the work of poet Matthew Bowers (MB93).

Matthew and I have become good friends over the past handful of months and he's a terrific writer. His collection of poems, "Something Witchy This Way Comes" is a fantastic read - and I recommend it highly.

Here is Matthew in his own words:

MB93 has been featured in the New anthology Spotlight, and worked with Ron Whitehead on a dynamic audio experience of The New Beat Generation Manifesto & The Calling. Also, in print with The Lothlorian Poetry Journal, Dumpster Fire Press, Lucifer's Retreat, Alien Buddha Press, Gas Poetry Art & Music as featured poet and reviewer. In 2021 International Beat Poetry Festival & 2022 participated in The Goddess Festival as well as Jack Keroac's 100th Year Birthday Anniversary Celebration. He has done several featured book reviews. Designed several book covers, and has been Published by Deadman's Press Ink with his first book titled Something Witchy This Way Comes available on Amazon.

Here are two poems by Matthew Bowers (MB93) - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________ Ode to Hekate

She played her song for the moon for the Maiden, Mother, Crone

"Sisters three I play for thee Hekate take my soul" ______________

What Would Sylvia Plath Do

Embrace your weirdness. Above all else this is your true expression. Harboring harbingers steal knives in the night that mock the very lines of your jugular. There is no balance of peace and emotional irregularity.

Blue vapors pass through lace and ivory, breeding within the very marrow of your bone. If you are as I, escape whilst you can and “blissfully succumb to the whirling blackness that I honestly believe is eternal oblivion”.

Deny Deny Deny the owls talons. The false barrage of Baal’s lightening transfixed upon your cranium.

There is no pleasure, even the ghosts of consciousness that hide in the recesses of nocturnal reality release the pain, of the insane the little moments that weigh you down again and again. You’re going to drown so… take control.

Change the deciding narrative with a mask of a jester’s intent. Fool the foolish as you are the fool with dissident distraction detachment.

Kool Kool play by the rules, outward appearances make normal comfortable and secure. Is it too late…. Is it to late is my fading voice echoing from it’s final resting place of my stainless steel sarcophagus.

Bound with words the everlasting mark that I rise from the grave as Lazarus has, to walk this earth forever. In study halls and private libraries even in the aether living online omnipotence, larger than I ever had before, I still can’t escape…. life for all it’s worth.

Be your own agent of your own agency. Be true to you and what you need to decide by listening to that still silent voice within…

You Know the one… From the source, That Source of course , coming in three, thine trinity… You Will find yourself walking among the shadows where others have fallen…..

Ask your self, if This is what you want …. To be pull at the final thread of your spiritual will that tethers you … To the All

MB93 2022©

Photo: Matthew Bowers (MB93)

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