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Spotlight: Mena Sisto

It's a great day to share with you the work of someone I find highly talented. It is an honor, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, to shine the spotlight on the poetry of Mena Sisto.

I first ran across Mena's poems a few months ago and immediately became a fan of her writing. Her work has a fantastic flow and the style is unique and clever. I relate to Mean's poetry and feel her poems deeply. And - she's a very kind person and I consider her a friend.

Here is Mena in her own words:

Greetings everyone : my name is Mena. I am a medical assistant from Ontario, Canada.

Ever humbled to be among other writers, whom bleed their thoughts and words from an inner place where profound sentiment does reside. I remain humbled to be featured on Jimmy Broccoli's page.

I also care for my brother whom has Cerebral Palsy; mentally and physically challenged; non verbal.

I speak, read and write three languages : English, Italian, French and some Spanish.

I have always had an affinity for poetry, writing, literature and the arts. I also adore music and play piano and flute. Dabble in artwork.

Since I can recall, always wrote. As it was a creative outlet and therapeutic. Within obscured, troubled periods upon this journey through life.

However it wasn't until this past December that I really took pen to paper again. Within the confines of social media. As I was unaware of the amazing poetry groups therein. I felt a novice in comparison to some, to be quite honest. Yet, remain diligent and passionate.

I have been featured in and have a piece amidst 81 other poets in an anthology, based in India published by AL - Lina Publications ( Ig ).

I wholeheartedly thank Jimmy for the acknowledgement and believing in my words and in others. For supporting the arts and those therein.

Here are two poems written by Mena Sisto - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________

She removes her mask Her face for all to see End of the day at home Feelings just left to be.

Tattered heart, consumed Pouring onto marbled floor Just gushing profusely out Trickling, pooling at the door.

Somewhere within winds Thy heart would rather be Beneath cerulean skies Eyes would wish to see.

A tangerine sun glistening Cotton clouds over yonder A peaceful, stillness felt How her mind could wander.

Where her heart could soar Warm winds, whimsical dance Upon lands, trees and foliage Her humble soul, feet prance.

Across oceans and waters Free to roam lands and skies Transcend beyond all things A feeling within mind's eye.

~ ms. ______________

- I am -

I am The water, flow Fluent, I trickle Amidst the current, go.

I am The earth, beneath Solid foundation, loyal My people, I keep.

I am The rain, pours down Heart on a sleeve Smile, frown.

I am The winds, whimsical dance This heart generous Amidst all, prance.

I am The sun, warm and bright Generous, loving Affection takes flight.

I am The night moon, silver Whole and solid Wholehearted, a giver.

I am What you are to me Friendship fierce You shall see.

~ ms.

Image: Mena Sisto

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