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Spotlight: Nardine Sanderson

Hi All

Today's featured guest is Australian poet Nardine Sanderson. It is a privilege to have her work presented on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website.


I first discovered Nardine's poems several weeks ago and never miss the opportunity to read her work. Her poems are excitingly original and consistently excellent.

Here is Nardine in her own words:

Nardine Sanderson is an Australian author/writer and poetess whose love of words stretches across the sea to immortalize the loves in her life. She was recently published in New York Adelaide magazine and has been published in numerous anthologies and poetry journals, having written over 5,000 poems and nine children’s books (yet to be published). Her inspiration comes from her supportive family and cherished children of three. Nardine endeavors to publish her own collective work of poetry and stories in the not-so-distant future. She has received numerous awards and certificates, to include an International Ambassador of Peace award. Her passion for poetry was discovered at a young age, where she found a deep sense of belonging. Having lost her first love in 2000 to an accident resulting in his death, Nardine has written many poems in his absence in the honor of their love. Nardine hopes to inspire the world through her mix of poetry about love, life, and death - taking the reader on a journey throughout her desires and dreams. Her biggest ambition is to teach poetry and help others express their emotions in the great art form we call poetry.

To Dust I Hold The Sands

I cannot follow you into the sea although I long to drown my fear Heaven is so far away in depths of water you are near

In the coldest motion waves upon my back the light it breaks Time is a travelers worry and so long it takes

When love is at the point position Every star may be the guide But nothing can protest the heart once love it enters there inside

On the shoreline I await you, in the glow on every eve, and sit besides the tidal moon in silence as I grieve

I once lay down in shallows the salt upon my skin , the sun had risen carelessly and let the darkness in

The waves caressed me to the point of sadness in the sea, and as I sunk within my heart found you were there with me

In a constant state of parrel to dust I hold the sands, and in the madness of it all we're still holding hands Sometimes it's just me there waiting, other times I see it clear, when heaven holds the brightest sky I know you're somehow here

For time may provide the sunset Or amber glow when dusk it falls And to my heart the sea takes courage when it's nature calls

I find the waves upon my feet and travel light and deepest shade But nothing can compare to love That only heaven made.

Nardine Sanderson __________________________________________

Silver Dream

Meticulously it was the beauty that willingly paused her metal frame

A butterfly in the light there holding

Another essence of refrain

Had she to found within a unique quotation for her heart, made of pieces justified though still world's apart,

A standard to possess and squander, a gaze as if she knew she'd die, and still the wings of love would offer, and opportunity to then fly

For all the greatest gifts there given, to the time she held its life Within her hand, had she too a mind to offer and compassion to understand

The fragility of a natural source a visionary curve that man had made, upon her finger in the light Before it's wings were laid

To scrap there not but some wonderful place, that heavens butterflies all grace, although for her a death may seem , nothing but a silver dream.

Nardine Sanderson

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