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Spotlight: Noora (Raw Diamond)

Hi All

It's an amazing day to share with you the work of someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy page and website, I am excited to share the poetry of Noora (Raw Diamond) with you!

Noora and I have been friends for a good bit of time now and I've followed her work since the day I first ran across it. Her poetry is powerful, often emotional, and always a pleasure to read. She is the Admin behind Special Needs Quill - a fantastic poetry group I am honored to be a part of (and I'm looking forward to the first SNQ anthology in 2023!).

Here is Noora (Raw Diamond) in her own words:

noora@RAW Diamond is a poetess who has endured much since childhood, falling prey to every abuse, and tribulation imaginable. Writing is what has been her guiding source of light, although she failed to believe in the magic of words, until recently. And still she struggles to see the power of her writing, as told to her by many, and only hopes that it does console others, the way that her poetry has eased the scars within her own mind and heart. Noora is transforming her pain into light, and is using the writing world full on to launch once hidden dreams…

To Jimmy Broccoli, I wish to say thank you, for this feature, I am deeply humbled, and may all your endeavours be favoured with great success.

Here are two poems by Noora - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________ **Haunted Horrors**

Haunted horrors homed

In a

Merciless maddening mind

It is

Unkind undying undenied

No key

To enthralling embarking emancipation

Just a

Portal paving polytheists

Child's play

Demonising dashing daisies

But a

Ravenous raven relishes

A caw

Stenchy stealth scarred

In a

Gruesome grey gravel

Road of

Conjured cognitive connotations

Of once

Summoned saintly sermons

Yet a

Trapped trauma trespassed

Forgive the

Chastity chained chivalry

In a

Licentious lustful lingerie

Of the

Ghastly gaping gushings

Of the

Black barred beams

Of the

Stolen seduction silenced

In the

Mortified memory murdered

The past

Twirls trivial torture

And the

Eyes escape exoneration

For in

Innocence imbued impurity

Of a

Wanted wasteful waterfall

But the

Cataracts cascade certainty

Of a

Muted malignant masonry

For the

holy homicide hides

Behind the

Sky's skeletons slide

A heart

Damaged devoured dies.

noora@RAW Diamond© 09August2022 ______________ **Succulent**

Sipping sorrow

Of magical memories

Bathed in the

Dry desert deserted

you thrive in loose sand

blown behind beauty

sandstorms swirl

nostalgic heartache

and thrash the threshold

for a continuum does not exist

meshed madness misery

bleeds boldly

in icicle eyes

and the rain runs rampant round

your heart

but succulents never die

they thrive

with passion

firmly planted

in the land’s soul sand

never needing much

always reborn

from the teardrops

that the sun soaks

in its azure skies.

noora@RAW Diamond© 12September2022

Photo: Noora (Raw Diamond).

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