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Spotlight: Pendraig

Hi All

It's a great day to share with you the work of an individual I find highly talented. Today - on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website - it is an honor to share the poetry of Pendraig with you!

I was first introduced to the writings of Pendraig only a few months ago - and immediately became a fan.

In Pendraig's own words:

Many thanks to Jimmy for the invite to share his bright Spotlight, he writes with passion and insight and it’s a delight to be on the same page.

Since creating my poetry page last summer and beginning sharing my writing with the world, I have been fortunate to connect with many talented writers and the wonderful poetry community has been so welcoming and supportive. I’ve been writing for a few years now and intend to string together my first collection this year. For my part I write about things that resonate with me - I feel, I think, I write, words find me - I hope these words resonate with you and thank you for reading, Pendraig the poet.

Here are two poems by Pendraig - and I'm certain you'll love them as much as I do! ____

Purple Hearts

Red eyes Blue tears More lies

More fears

You red They blue Nothing said

Remains true

Blue eyes Red blood More lies

No good

Whether red Wether blue Talking head

Different cue

Divided state Living in Fed hate

Look within

You them We us Women men

Minus plus

Red blues Blue reds Different hues

Purple heads

Surely find When mixed Colour blind

Be fixed

Purple hearts Millions dead People apart

Unite instead

©2023 by Pendraig The Poet ____


Private property predominantly owned by the wealthy, they’re doing nicely thanks with stocks and bonds and friends in banks

A self interest band guided by an invisible hand, invest their treasure without regard for the many nor any sociopolitical pressure

Competition is fiction when it doesn’t exist, as massive monopolies persist, producers dismissed if they try to resist

Market mechanics fixed and centralised, no surprise prices capped high, wages capped low, consumers buy with less to show

Freedom of choice between a rock and hard place, the sickened poverty stricken at the coalface, only rodents can win a rat race

Expanded role of government protecting business mates, an environment where citizens are criminalised by the police state

Capitalism, corruption, producing pollution, disparities and inequalities at the expense of our ecosystem and inevitably cataclysm

©2023 by Pendraig The Poet

Image: Pendraig.

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