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Spotlight: RockenRobin

Hi All

It's a wonderful day to shine the spotlight on an individual I find highly talented. Today - on the Jimmy Broccoli page (and soon to be added to the website) it is an honor to share with you the writing of RockenRobin!

I really enjoy reading RockenRobin's personal stories - they are always interesting and they are often relatable. RockenRobin uses the right words at the right time - with her narrations flowing easily (and, seemingly, effortlessly). I've followed her "Tales From The Girl Nextdoor" series for a couple of years - it's exceptional writing and I highly recommend taking a look at her work.

Here is RockenRobin in her own words:

RockenRobin lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Close to three of her children. She has a unique style of writing poetry into relatable stories. That talk about survival and hope. For those who suffer at the hands of others. She has received awards from various groups. She has two series out on Facebook. They can be found on her page Rocken Robin's Writing Nest.

Tales From the Girl Nextdoor. Tales From the Woman Nextdoor. Due to technology everybody is next door.

Here are two written pieces by RockenRobin - and, I'm certain you'll enjoy them as much as I do! ______________

Tales from the girl next door.


I love you. By now you know how proud I was of you. It was your help that inspired the results. When David was so sick One of the hardest times of our lives. We were all leaning on you. It would have been your birthday. I hope you sang your favorite song as you danced in the clouds I will sway along under the shade. Who knows it may be Judy's time with tears of joy in her eyes as she watches us, learn as we go.

Did we steal your dreams or did we make them come true. You taught me to want more. Not the material things. The real things like the love the respect the self improvement we learn as we fight to survive. I remember your beautiful blue eyes. Like looking into a wave in the beach your soul was buried deep.

You would have made an excellent stunt woman. With all that he put you through you finally found someone who loved you. Not for the money you made or the things you did. Ken still loves you. We your daughters do too.

Even when death took you away. Can't let that go, I just want you to know. Wonder if you hear our thoughts. I hope you don't feel our pain. He took you away. Please someone tell me the words to say. I will always love you. That can’t be taken away. Sometimes I believe I hear your voice. In the wind telling me I'm doing ok. No hard feelings I've grown to learn we make mistakes some that stay the same and some that change.

Copyright RockenRobin 10 26 23 ____

Tales From The Girl Nextdoor

Memories are such special things. Sometimes it stings. Sometimes they make you sing. But imagining what life would be without these. Certain mental illnesses or treatments can erase the pain and the joy. I think it would hurt more not to remember the life you had. To forget your marriage or having your child not remembering you are the parent of this beautiful child with the shining eyes and beautiful smile.

It's almost guaranteed to not remember parts of your life. The worst part is at times you lose part of your life. Wish they had a way to choose and select which memories they take away.

Even pick a day. I feel my illness was better than the cure. All the hell, the pain, the abuse. Was worth the good things in my life. My children taught me to live. To care to share. They let me know my worth. The bad memories are rising again. At this moment I could really use a friend.

A hand to hold I feel so damn alone. So I share my story as a way to show. It will be ok to write your own show. It might help someone else grow. I do not know but I'm trying to figure it all out. Will you stay if in my breakdowns I scream and shout.

Or will you turn around and walk out. Please call a friend to see you out.

I'm sort of busy trying to chase my demons out. If I cry that's what he wants I won't give in. Let him pay for his sin. I'm still here at 60 still missing memories.

Copyright RockenRobin 10/9/23

Photo: RockenRobin.

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