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Spotlight: Stephen Alexander North

Hi All

It's a wonderful day to shine the spotlight on an individual I find highly talented. Today, it is with much fanfare I share the poetry (on my Facebook page and website) of Stephen Alexander North.

I was first introduced to Stephen's poetry about 2 years ago. Stephen is among my favorite poets/writers because he is an amazing storyteller. His poetry (and other written work) has been featured in numerous publications and his poetry was chosen to be within the pages of my second anthology, "Encore".

Here is Stephen in his own words:

Stephen Alexander North is a Florida native, a closet lounge singer, and the Obscure Floridian Writer of sci-fi, horror, thrillers, fantasy and poetry. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of South Florida. He worked over three decades in retail management and served in the Army Reserve. Florida Man Writes!

Here are three poems by Stephen Alexander North - and, I'm certain you'll love them as much as I do! ______________

From Stephen's book, "I Held the Sun"...

To the east

A firestorm raged A city burned The screams of the dying faded away I knelt and closed my eyes Let go Embraced darkness Time passed Years perhaps

The rustle of leaves Dead things moving with the breeze Dried-out husks Once vibrant with life Drifting along to a papery song Much like me Once tethered now free I drank deep of unspeakable grief My wounds were bitter Only time might heal them The earth itself was rent by war I sensed her hurt And it was too much I… Fell dormant Almost asleep But half-aware Part of the earth The forest Awake enough to feel the wind To hear it stirring the branches The patter of rain The sun’s warmth would stir me But I preferred to drowse To feel and hear were enough Until one day I heard voices One a woman I heard her cry out Heard her passage Sensed her close to me Felt her hand gently caress my cheek I woke up ____

From Stephen's book, "My Soul's On Fire"...

The song of the leaves (at Sawgrass Lake)

To hear, that sound… The wind and the trees The sweep of air dancing with the leaves Branches swaying, the joy A symphony of glorious greenery The shapes of trunks The shadows, that mystic gloom I could sit here all day Watch the clouds float, like foam In the blue sea sky To lose myself in sunbeams Silken webs The dark dreams, of spiders… And the music of the trees. ____

From Stephen's book, "The Dark Joy of Despair"...

Retiré De La Vie (Removed From Life)

There you are, far away Self contained Removed from life Not much to say Beyond posting trite things Fishing with words, jokes All inconsequential things Is there really any laughter Any joy for you or Just a fear of disaster All I see is distance Are you hoping for A human connection A hand to hold A new direction I think it begins with you Maybe you are finding your way back Making subtle changes Easing into life, inch by inch Be strong, don’t flinch Find your smile, live awhile You’re on the right track

Photo: Stephen Alexander North. His books are available on

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